QP Designs Gata RTA

QP Designs Gata RTA

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The creators of QP Designs proudly present their latest work, the Gata RTA can be used by both MTL and DL Vapers and offers a rich vape and the purist taste.

The Gata is made of high quality stainless steel and glass and can be disassembled for thorough cleaning. The Gata is supplied with two different caps and can thus be visually adapted, also the RTA is equipped with a well-to-reach Topfill system to simplify the refilling.

The interior of the Gata RTA is ventilated via the optimised Airflow, which is designed for DL ​​and MTL vaping and offers every vaper the best experience.

Inside the vaporiser there is space for a generous single-coil deck. Thanks to its design, this can easily be equipped and easily accommodates larger builds.

The Gata RTA from QP Design has an exceptional design, excellent workmanship and can be used by virtually any vaper thanks to the design and customisation.

Gata RTA can be used as the following -->
MTL= Mouth To Lung
DLH= Direct Lung Hit

24mm Diameter
Single coil
Two airflow rings
MTL Airflow Ring
DLH Airflow ring
Ultem MTL insert (When building remove the insert or don't pre heat the coils to much as you can melt or damage the insert its better to pulse the coils and keep eye on it.)
Postless deck
Half turn top cap
Bottom airflow
510 drip tip MTL (Black)
510 drip tip DLH (Black)
Clear 2ml Acrylic tank (Not to use with Acidic or Menthol Juices could get damaged)
Glass 4ml tank
Side installed screws
Vape band with logo
Flat head screws
Hex grub screws
Black O-Rings
Accessory bag
Serial number