AsModus Pumper 18 Green/Yellow

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The Pumper is a single battery mod that is an adaptation of the Luna, and the Spruzza. The body resembles the Luna form factor and the squonk bottle was derived from the spruzza. The body was made more round to make the mod more ergonomic making the Pumper comfortable to fire with the thumb or pointer finger! It is constructed of a high grade 304 stainless steel and a luxurious stabilized wood for a lightweight and beautiful design. The button proudly holds the ASMODUS wheel logo and is recessed to better help the user from auto firing. Let’s talk about the bottle now, the Squonk bottle is reminiscent from the Spruzza. It is constructed of high grade stainless steel on the bottom and top of the squonk bottle for a more premium feel. The Pumper squonk bottle has an 8ml liquid capacity. The bottle removal system is amazingly easy to use. The bottle can be removed simply by pushing in the bottle and twisting it to unlock the door, them simply push the bottle out! The bottle can be refilled simply by removing the tube held by 2 Orings.